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Great review from Booklist

It's 1864, and amid the ongoing U.S. Civil War, an impassioned Rebecca "Rory" Chase has just buried her last remaining family member. Spurred to action, she disguises herself as a man to enlist in a New York State Union regiment, but she is quickly found out.

Downcast and frustrated, Rory returns home to Auburn, where she is approached by her childhood friend Fanny Seward, daughter of Secretary of State William Seward. It turns out that Rory can defend her beloved Union. Two Confederate rebels suspected of planning a coup have been sighted along the Canada border.

She signs on as a courier, or spy, and is sent to Niagara Falls to uncover what she can of the rebels' complex plot. As Rory works to befriend the Confederate targets, she reconnects with people from her mother's past.

When the rebels' plans intensify, Rory finds herself in a race against time and significant odds. Based on actual yet long-obscured events, Wendel's absorbing novel is rich in dramatic history, while his depiction of Rory's internal conflicts brings depth to her high-stakes mission.

— Leah Strauss, Booklist

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Cancer Crossings subtitle

Dr. James Holland, left, and Dr. Jerome Yates.

After much discussion, we've decided on a subtitle and a slight alternation to the main title. The entire package is now -- CANCER CROSSINGS: A Brother, His Doctors and the Quest for a Cure to Childhood Leukemia.
That sums up this part family memoir, part medical narrative pretty well.
Next up? The final edits  Read More 

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'The Cancer Crossings' now in production

Dr. Donald Pinkel

With the manuscript into Cornell Press, the production phase is now underway. There will be 15 photographs in the book, placed within the text instead of the usual insert. The permissions from the various hospitals and outlets have been secured. In addition, several family photographs will be used.
At one point, the working title was " Read More 

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New book finished

The final edits for The Cancer Crossings went off to Ithaca, N.Y., and Cornell Press late yesterday. I've done seven or so revisions on this work since Memorial Day, which will be my 13th book, out early next year.
It is my search for my younger brother Eric's legacy. (He died of leukemia  Read More 

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