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Audio Samples & Interviews

Just in time for the summer, here's the audiobook version of ESCAPE FROM CASTRO'S CUBA. This is the Amazon/Audible link, but the new novel can be found at 30-plus outlets, with me doing the narration.

RED RAIN, now on Audible.
rrpreface.mp3 (5.38 MB)

The best-kept secret of World War II? The Japanese fire balloons. I narrate my thriller RED RAIN, which is set against the real-life backdrop in 1944. 

The best team the NBA let slip away.
bravessample.mp3 (3.07 MB)

Sample from BUFFALO, HOME OF THE BRAVES, the story of the star-crossed NBA franchise whose roster included Bob McAdoo, Adrian Dantley, Ernie DiGregorio and Randy Smith.

With esteemed poet Ethlebert Miller, host of "The Scholars"