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New book finished

The final edits for The Cancer Crossings went off to Ithaca, N.Y., and Cornell Press late yesterday. I've done seven or so revisions on this work since Memorial Day, which will be my 13th book, out early next year.
It is my search for my younger brother Eric's legacy. (He died of leukemia in 1973). And also the doctors at Roswell Park in Buffalo, who fought to save him. These doctors and nurses were at the forefront in turning the tide against childhood leukemia. When my brother was first diagnosed, patients had a 15 percent chance of survival. Now it's nearly 90 percent.
That's an incredible narrative arc to follow.
I've included a photo of Dr. Donald Pinkel, who was director of pediatrics at Roswell Park before moving on to build St. Jude Hospital in Memphis for actor Danny Thomas. (That's the guy looking through the microscope.

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