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Publisher's Weekly news about Sixty-Eight

Da Capo editor Jonathan Crowe acquired two sports books, one on baseball and the other on golf. Crowe took North American rights to Johns Hopkins professor Tim Wendel's Sixty-Eight: The Year of the Pitcher—When Baseball Saved America from Chris Park at Foundry Literary + Media. Wendel focuses on that eponymous season when, thanks to things like a bigger strike zone, pitchers began to dominate the game. The baseball season is then set against what Da Capo called "one of the most divisive and turbulent years in American history." Crowe also bought world rights to The Magnificent Masters, NBC Sports producer Gil Capps's book about the 1975 tournament that broke the color barrier in professional golf. Farley Chase at the Waxman Agency brokered the deal. Both titles are scheduled for spring 2012.
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