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Coming up for air

Down to the Last Pitch (Da Capo Press)

I was in pedal-to-the-metal mode for much of the summer and into the fall. But I'm pleased to announce that my new book, DOWN TO THE LAST PITCH, will be released by Da Capo Press this spring. March 11, 2014, to be exact.
It's the story of arguably the greatest World Series ever played and deals with many watershed moments in and out of the game. These include the new trend in ballparks, the rise of the specialized relievers and when ballclubs were pretty much on equal footing financially. In fact, the "Moneyball" Oakland Athletics had one of the highest payrolls in the game back then.
The '91 Series occupies one of those sweet spots in time -- before everything went over the edge with steroids, soaring payrolls and labor strife. It was also the first year of Baseball Weekly and the great times there.
I'll be putting up an excerpt and more soon. But here's the cover.

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