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High Heat -- The Editing

Editing continues on High Heat (Da Capo Press). Pub date has been moved up to March 9, 2010, and the full title is now "High Heat: The Secret History of the Fastball and the Improbable Search for the Fastest Pitcher of All Time."
I'm always been fascinated by what characters or elements grow in prominence during the writing process.
In Castro's Curveball, it was the Malena Foneseca character. She became that novel's only true saint.
In Far From Home, it was the photographs of Jose Luis Villegas and how they changed the structure and emphasis -- for the better.
In High Heat, it was the story of Steve Dalkowski. How he flamed out, fell on hard times as a migrant worker in southern California and decades later somehow found his way back to his hometown in Connecticut.
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