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Castro's Curveball

This is a skillfully rendered story that resonates with the ring of truth. The author's prose is so convincing you'll smell the aroma of Billy's leather mitt and feel the softness of the grassy field cooling in the tropical evening. Your heart will pound whether staring into a rifle held by a shaking solider, an oncoming fastball thrown by the team's latest young prospect or the deeply evocative eyes of the lovely Malena.


This book has the power to get under your skin and the wisdom to make you reflect on the meaning of your own life. Above all, it stands as an allegory for the story of Cuba itself, in all its tragic magnificence. Highly recommended.
-- Historical Novels Review, February 2007

"Engrossing . . . Wendel's characters are complex and passionate. The unfolding of their lives is fascinating."
--The Washington Post


"Irresistible . . . Castro's Curveball has all the excitement of a tie-breaking home run."
--The Baltimore Sun


"Tim Wendel's love and impressive knowledge of baseball suffuses every page of this passionate novel of love, loss, and the real freedom that wisdom and time sometimes bring."

Coauthor of Baseball: An Illustrated History

"A cleverly imaginative, spirited and engaging novel . . . The author brilliantly depicts life in Havana both pre- and post-Castro, and his baseball lingo is lively and authentic."
--PARADE magazine


"Superbly crafted."
--Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


"A beguiling mix of thriller and love story . . . capturing the Bull Durham-like camaraderie of has-beens and wanna-bes struggling to keep their dreams alive."


"Outstanding . . . Some of the best game-action sequences in fiction. . . . Multifaceted and intriguing."
--Publishers Weekly