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Ken Burns on REBEL FALLS

Asking for cover endorsements or 'blurbs' is among the most humbling things I know of. But then you have a lightning bolt moment like this.

Here's Ken Burns assessment of 'Rebel Falls,' my new novel, which will be out this spring:

"Once again, Tim Wendel finds a riveting story to tell, this time in a little-known theater of our most complicated of wars.  Instead of great armies on familiar fields, this saga leads us to the shadowy world of spies and the improbable battleground at our northern border.  Wendel's narrative is strong, emotional and driven by one of his best characters yet, a heroine with more than her fair share of grit and bravery."


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Final cover for Cancer Crossings

Thanks to Ken Burns for endorsing Cancer Crossings: A Brother, His Doctors and the Quest to Cure Childhood Leukemia.
He says, "For as long as I have followed his work, Tim Wendel has always chosen a distinct path of intimate stories within big topics, those subjects revealed by his superb way of getting at  Read More 

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First endorsement for Summer of '68

“As always, Tim Wendel gets to the heart of this game and the complicated republic it so precisely mirrors.”
-- Ken Burns
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Ken Burns blurb

OK, no more whining about looking for cover endorsements. The first cover blurb is in and they don't get any bigger than Ken Burns. Thanks to Ken for taking the time to read High Heat and then write, "Tim Wendel has done it again. Like a batter bending away from a curveball that cuts  Read More 
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