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 'Once again, Tim Wendel finds a riveting story to tell, this time in a little-known theater of our most complicated of wars.' -- Ken Burns, filmmaker


'Plunge over Niagara Falls with Rory Chase as she musters the courage to both follow orders and break the rules.' -- Mary Kay Zuravleff, author of American Ending


'The Civil War continues to haunt us today, and Tim Wendel writes as if history is looking over his shoulder.' -- E. Ethelbert Miller, Grammy Nominee for Best Spoken Word


'Well-written, smartly paced, and pleasureable to read.' -- Burt Solomon, author of The Murder of Willie Lincoln


'A page-turning, entertaining melange of history and fiction with an unmistakable ring of truth!' -- Larry Kirwan, host of 'Celtic Crush' on SiriusXM