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New book coming along

I've been on the road a ton, researching SIXTY-EIGHT, a new book about sports in the year 1968. While the nation was being pulled apart back then, the sports world (baseball's Tigers and Cardinals, the rise of the American Football League, the Mexico City Olympics) was certainly memorable to watch and may have helped hold  Read More 
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Price rolls on

I recently finished the Afterword for the tradepaper edition of High Heat, which will be out in February 2011. Here's what I wrote about the Rays' David Price, who led the Tampa Bay Rays to a playoff berth last night.
"Every time I saw Price pitch during the 2010 season, I was tempted to say that  Read More 
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Back from Detroit

I've returned from four days in the Detroit area. Caught up with family, attended the Knight-Wallace Fellowship reunion in Ann Arbor and had a great interview with ex-Detroit Tiger Willie "the Wonder" Horton. Research for the new book, working title SIXTY-EIGHT, rolls on.
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Off to Portland

I've healed enough (ruptured appendix) to head to Portland, Oregon, this weekend. Reading at Powell's (Hawthorne branch) on Monday night at 7:30 p.m.
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Working my way through a lot of great research material from Cooperstown. Trying to tease out the threads for this new book, SIXTY-EIGHT. In search of narrative.
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The new book

We've come to an agreement with Da Capo Press for SIXTY-EIGHT: WHEN BASEBALL SAVED AMERICA. Besides detailing the Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals and the pitching achievements of that season, I'll take a look at football and the Mexico City Olympics, as well as the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.
Our  Read More 
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On the road

No rest for the wicked. The first week of promoting High Heat opened with a reading at the Barnes & Noble in Alexandria. The manager there is my friend Brighid Moret and it was a fun evening.
From there, it was on to the Virginia Festival of the Book, where I joined Roland Lazenby (author  Read More 
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On Chrysalis Editorial Blog

My friend Herta Feely was asking about the writing of High Heat. How I changed the working outline after the book contract was signed.
Read about it in the posting I did for Herta's new blog at Chrysalis Editorial --

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Oh-no, Canada

Where did the polite, almost cuddly country go that I grew up in the shadow of? (When I was a kid, Buffalo, N.Y., was already shrinking, so we often headed 90 minutes north to Toronto.)
In a bid to bring home more gold medals, the Canadians began the "Own the Podium" program. But it  Read More 
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Other blogs

Apologies, but I've been busy getting a new blog off the ground. It's in support of my new book, High Heat, and you can find it at
Also, don't forget the Buffalo Braves blog (Randy Smith Appreciation Day is coming up at Buffalo State) and the National Archive footage of the  Read More 
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