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Audio work

Doing the audiobook for CANCER CROSSINGS has opened up new doors. Other voices have already done SUMMER OF '68 and CASTRO'S CURVEBALL and others, but it looking through my contracts I found that I still hold the rights to HABANA LIBRERED RAIN and BUFFALO, HOME OF THE BRAVES. With the latter, we have also located many of the interviews I did with Bob McAdoo, Jack Ramsay, Randy Smith and others. 

I'll be returning to the recording studio later this year, so let me know if you have a favorite, one you'd love to hear the story in audio

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Other blogs

Apologies, but I've been busy getting a new blog off the ground. It's in support of my new book, High Heat, and you can find it at
Also, don't forget the Buffalo Braves blog (Randy Smith Appreciation Day is coming up at Buffalo State) and the National Archive footage of the  Read More 
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Raise the Banner

My brother, Chris, and I are throwing our support behind the campaign to have a Braves banner hung from the rafters at HSBC Arena in downtown Buffalo.
It would honor the team and two of its superstars -- Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo and the late Randy Smith.
Here's a recent article about the  Read More 
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Going for the Gold -- The Encore

The good folks at Dover Press will be re-releasing Going for the Gold in January 2010. This was my first book and the new editon has an updated introduction and glossed-up cover.
This has been the summer for  Read More 
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